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Do you want to find engaging ways to address climate issues in your teaching? Try out the free teaching material available here! 



[country-specific name] is a card game with the objective of arranging cards in the correct order based on their climate impact, from least to greatest. The game has been developed by researchers in climate science and pedagogy, and can be used as teaching material in all subjects that encompass climate, environmental issues and sustainable development, spanning from natural sciences and technology to geography, social studies, and home economics.

The card game can be integrated into your teaching in various ways. To make it easier for you as a teacher, we offer a suggested lesson structure and various teaching materials. The material is suitable for students aged 12 and above. 

In Sweden alone, more than 30 000 students have already played the game, and 500 teachers and teacher students have been trained in how the game can be used as an educational tool. The game is well-received by both teachers and students because it provides a fun and engaging way to increase knowledge about climate, lifestyles, and sustainable consumption. Moreover, it encourages students to reflect and think critically, and it acts as an excellent catalyst for conversations about behavior and responsibility. Hence, it contributes to achieving many important learning objectives! 


If you want to get in contact with us personally, you are always welcome to drop us an email at hello@climatecallgame.com. We are happy to assist teachers in using our educational material! 

For questions regarding how the material can be used in [country name], what kind of support is available, and how you as a teacher can obtain the card game, you can also contact our collaboration partner [name of organisation] in [country name] on … [e-mail address].

”All students enjoy playing cards, and when they discover discrepancies, such as the card stating that roses from Kenya have lower emissions, it sparks discussions and engagement among the students. Climate Call is an excellent starting point for addressing sustainable development in technology!”

– Camilla Segervall
Lead Teacher, Programming, Technology, and CAD
Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet in Finspång, Sweden

”The game Climate Call led to many interesting classroom discussions and was a perfect fit when we were working on sustainable development in natural science.”

– Elin Gawell
High School Teacher in Mathematics and Senior Lecturer
Gustavsbergs Gymnasium, Sweden