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1. Exploring the climate challenge

– In this exercise, students explore the multifaceted aspects of the climate challenge, including its causes, the changes it brings, its consequences, and potential actions to address it. It fosters a deeper understanding of climate change and encourage critical thinking about possible solutions.

2. Climate visioning

– How does the world look like after a successful climate transition, and how did we get there? This is an exercise that cultivates hope and engagement. 

3. Climate curiosity challenge

– This exercise encourages students to think about which item or activity they would like to know the climate impact of. It sparks creativity and fosters interest in climate science and scientific research.

4. Card calculations

– Look at the card calculations for a selection of cards and follow the calculations step-for-step. This enhances the students’ calculation skills as well as critical and scientific thinking. This exercise is a suitable practical application of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

5. Calculate the emissions for your own cards

– In this exercise, students estimate and calculate the emissions associated with an activity of their choice.

6. Play [county-specific name] at home

– In this exercise, students bring the game home and play it with their friends or families. This exercise is suitable as homework and for promoting climate conversations with family and friends!